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Performance figures when they are quoted on the websites are past performance. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Neither Caledonia nor its directors or employees or any associate guarantee or make any representation as to the performance of the Funds, the maintenance or repayment of capital, the price at which Units may trade or any particular rate of return.

If you elect to access Caledonia’s Secure Client Website:

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  • although Caledonia has taken care to ensure that the Secure Client Website provides accurate information about your accounts, the Secure Client Website may not be error free. For that reason you:
    1. acknowledge and agree that neither Caledonia nor its directors or employees or any associated party are liable for any mistake in the information provided in the Secure Website;
    2. agree that you will not rely on the information provided on the Secure Client Website when making investment and financial decisions; and
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